Dictionnaire des rimes. 2013.

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  • orite — diorite favorite hypochlorite micrométéorite météorite phosphorite sorite thorite ténorite …   Dictionnaire des rimes

  • Meteorite — Me te*or*ite, n. [Cf. F. m[ e]t[ e]orite.] (Min.) A mass of stone or iron which has fallen to the earth from space; an a[ e]rolite. [1913 Webster] Note: Meteorites usually show a pitted surface with a fused crust, caused by the heat developed in… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • S1 MP3 player — There are other concepts named S1. S1 MP3 players are a type of digital audio players based on [http://www.actions.com.cn/ Actions] chipsets. They are sold under dozens of different other brand names and in a variety of case designs.Capabilities* …   Wikipedia

  • Cumbrian dialect — Not to be confused with the Celtic Cumbric language Location of Cumbria within England. The Cumbrian dialect is a local English dialect spoken in Cumbria in northern England, not to be confused with the extinct Celtic language Cumbric that used… …   Wikipedia

  • Rag Fair — (ラグフェアー, RAG FAIR) is a Japanese male a cappella band. Its members are Reo Tsuchiya , Yosuke Hikichi , Kenichi Arai , Yoshiyuki Kato , Takamasa Kano , and Masayoshi Okumura . (Please note, names are given here in Western personal name surname… …   Wikipedia

  • Langre (León) — Langre Bandera …   Wikipedia Español

  • anchorite — anchoritic /ang keuh rit ik/, adj. anchoritically, adv. anchoritism /ang keuh ruy tiz euhm/, n. /ang keuh ruyt /, n. a person who has retired to a solitary place for a life of religious seclusion; hermit. Also, anchoret. [1400 50; late ME… …   Universalium

  • Mainichi-Kulturpreis — Der Mainichi Kulturpreis (jap. 毎日出版文化賞, Mainichi Shuppan Bunka Shō) wird seit 1947 alljährlich vom Verlag Mainichi Shimbun für herausragende kulturelle Leistungen in 4 verschiedenen Kategorien vergeben. Die Preisträger des Kulturpreises werden im …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Yasuoka Shōtarō — (jap. 安岡 章太郎; * 30. Mai 1920 in Kōchi, Präfektur Kōchi) ist ein japanischer Schriftsteller. Yasuokas Tochter, Yasuoka Haruko (安岡 治子) ist Professorin für russische Literatur im Fachbereich Kulturwissenschaften an der Universität Tokyo.… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • МАЖОРИТАРНАЯ ИЗБИРАТЕЛЬНАЯ СИСТЕМА — (фр. ma oritaire ma orite большинство лат. ma or больший) порядок определения результатов голосования, при котором избранным в тот или иной выборный орган считается кандидат (или список кандидатов), набравший предусмотренное законом большинство… …   Политология: словарь-справочник

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